We sell new and Quality used tires to vehicle owners,
both individual consumers and commercial fleet owners.

Emerald Tires offers an opportunity of financial gain and the comfort of entering into a field of limitless consumers. Our motto is “We’re not tire people. We are business people. Bring integrity and reliability to the tire business.”

There are 249 million vehicles operating in the U. S. and every vehicle has 4 tires with one spare in the trunk. That’s over 1 billion tires in the U.S. traveling on U.S. highways. The average tread of these tires gets lower everyday, with over $25 billion in tire sales in 2010. These facts all add to enormous opportunity for a business providing quality service and exceptional value in used & new tires that consumers can trust.

Success in the tire industry is dependent on partnering with a company that holds the creed of honesty, value and support in the highest regard. We strive to partner with responsible business minded individuals who love similar beliefs in quality products as well as being eco-friendly. Tires can be harmful if not properly disposed of. Emerald Tires has the highest regard for environment and participate in reducing the pollution to our environment through our recycling of waste tires.

We work hard to develop our brand through superior training, support, and a variety of franchise offerings, including: Area Representative, and Master Franchising. We are America’s most trusted family of quality used tires and low cost new tires. This is not only our goal; it is our mission, and the essence in which we partner with our franchisees and customers, making Emerald Tires the most powerful tire franchise in the industry.

Emerald Tires has several franchise programs that fill most financial situations and investment levels. For current tire dealers we offer a conversion program that is simple, straight forward, and includes financial incentives. For franchisees with little or no industry knowledge, we provide extreme and ongoing training. Our relationship with Real Estate Developers can have you up and running in a new “Build to Suit” tire center. For well qualified investors, Emerald Tires also offers an Area Representative/Master Franchise program that enables franchisees to develop a territory exclusively and share in the revenue generated with the area.

This variety of investment level positions Emerald Tires uniquely within the tire industry and ensures that we provide an opportunity that suits your circumstances.


Entry level as low as $50,000 for Tire Center Franchise. Master franchise, cap at $150,000 in most areas.

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If you have proven management skills, leadership ability, vision and a desire for growth, we are America’s # 1 franchiser in the tire industry. We would like to discuss our various franchise options with you.

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Tire Brands we trust & support

  • summit
  • And other quality tire brands